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Boating Safety Classes

  • The Auxiliary offers a number of different safe-boating classes to you at no charge (other than the cost of books) that may earn you discounts on your boat insurance. Several types of classes are offered, including great stuff for kids.  For a complete list of upcoming boating safety classes in Northern Virginia, click here.
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Vessel Safety Checks

  • At your request, we can perform a Vessel Safety Check. This is an audit of safety equipment on your boat. Only you are told of the results. Our equipment list is usually above and beyond what is required by most state boating laws. If your boat passes the exam, you get a decal you can put on your boat. Boat with confidence, knowing your equipment is up to safety standards.  Contact us if you are interested in a free Vessel Safety Check.
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Operational Patrols

  • Our operations programs provide you patrols for boat races and surface or air searches and rescues. Also, we help the Coast Guard protect the marine environment, and we report on boating conditions.  Contact us and tell us what kind of operational assistance you need from the Auxiliary.
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Public Affairs

  • Speaking to your group or class
  • Staffing a boating safety booth at a show, or
  • Providing members for a parade

  • Contact us and tell us what kind of Public Affairs assistance you need from the Auxiliary.
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Joining the Coast Guard (active or reserve)

  • If you are interested in knowing more about the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, we have an Academy Introduction Program. If you qualify, you can spend several supervised days at the Academy in New London, Connecticut to learn first hand what 4 years as a Cadet would be like.
  • If you're interested in enlisting in the Coast Guard, you could graduate from boot camp with a higher rate of pay (E-3) if you passed Auxiliary courses before enlisting. See your Recruiter for details.
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Joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary

  • Would you like to know how to become a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary? Here is your opportunity to learn more about marine safety, associate with people who love boating, and perform some valuable volunteer service. Click here for details on Joining Us.
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Other Programs

  • National Safe Boating Week
  • Boat Show Participation
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Chart Updating
  • Marine Dealer Visitation Program
  • Commercial Fishing Vessel Examination Program
  • Marine Environmental Education/Protection Program
  • Administrative and Operational Support Missions for the Coast Guard
  • Many, many more

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Updated January 22, 2004